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Water Damage Restoration

Basic water damage restoration follows a two step process: loss assessment and evaluation, and drying. The loss assessment and evaluation will depend on a multitude of factors. What is the categorization of water causing the damage, and what is the classification (extent of the damage) of the area which needs restoring.

Loss assessment and evaluation:
If you're hiring a professional service to handle your restoration then their first step should be documenting all materials affected by the damage. Once everything has been documented they will turn to an industry standard pricing guide, which should provide you with a total value of damaged materials plus their service charge.

The assessment will generally include a type of equipment that can sense water with a probe or infrared. Due to recent technological advancements, this equipment can generally detect water without any intrusive properties to the material, such as tearing down drywall or tile to see the underlying water.

Once the assessment has been made restoration services can begin. Generally, there will have to be a sanitizing component to the restoration since it's highly likely the water source may be carrying harmful bacteria or fungi. Deodorization usually comes in tandem with this step. If there are parts of your residence damaged beyond repair they will have to be thrown out. Once the specialists have finished they will continue to let the affected areas dry out for 4-5 days, and monitor progress. Once this has been done another reevaluation will be necessary to decide if the initial cleanup has been effective.

Since water damage restoration can be a lengthy process, many homeowners or building managers will opt to handle the monitoring and final cleanup on their own to battle the growing costs. This will have to be a common sense decision based on the degree of damage you're dealing with. It is advisable to allow a qualified technician to do the original assessment and evaluation. If you miss an affected area it can have severe repercussions down the road, especially if you're dealing with a category 2 or 3 water infliction.

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