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Types of Outdoor Swimming Pools

Modern day pools became popular in the mid 1800s, but they have been fairly common going back to the Ancient Greeks and Romans, who built them for athletic and military trainings. Whether you're looking for an indoor or outdoor pool a common consideration is in-ground vs. above ground pools. There are obviously pros and cons to each path, which you should weigh before contacting a specialist.

The actual methods of constructing pools can vary widely due to the types of material or water being used. The most common in-ground pool materials are fiberglass lined with vinyl, concrete, and shotcrete. Concrete pools offer more versatile options when it comes to customization. Fiberglass pools generally come in a pre-templated shape, making them difficult to adjust. Concrete pools generally take about two months to build. It is not advisable to drain concrete pools as it can have harmful impacts on the structure.

Vinyl liner pools are generally a cheaper option than their concrete options. The vinyl liner will act as a waterproof sealant. Modern liners can also be treated to act as a natural algae and mold repellent. They also offer a huge variety in colors and patterns, which makes them a popular choice. Vinyl liners still offer great insulation and durability. Another reason it has become a popular choice is due to the replacement costs, which can be complete in 1-2 days.

All types of in-ground pools generally require the following basic steps:

  1. Plan and setup discussions with contractor.
  2. Ground and debris removal for concrete.
  3. Steel and concrete placement.
  4. Electrical and plumbing work (common for heated pools).
  5. Filtration setup.
  6. Water filling and treatment.
  7. Pool fencing (usually associated with insurance).

The lifetime expectancy of an outdoor pool can be almost 50 years, so construction and regular maintenance are integral pieces of owning a pool.

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