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Wood vs. Metal Sheds

Wood and metal sheds are generally considered to be the two most popular choices for your property. There are always a multitude of factors to consider before purchasing a shed: location, cost, durability, etc. It's easy to make a decision purely based on the price tag, but the smart buyer will consider the lifetime value of both types.

Cost is the obvious first pain point. Wooden sheds generally fetch a higher price tag due to the cost of lumber. If you're looking for a temporary fix then metal sheds may be the right choice, but if you're looking to add a permanent shed to your backyard then wooden sheds will pay for their high up-front cost due to their longevity. Wooden sheds can easily weather snow and high winds whereas metal sheds typically use thin sheet metal, making them susceptible to weather damage.

Metal and wooden sheds usually won't require regular maintenance, but over time metal sheds can develop rust, which will need to be treated and painted. Wooden sheds typically use treated lumber providing natural resistance to weather, termites, and UV rays.

If it's security you're after, then wooden sheds are the clear winner due to the heavy construction materials involved. Metal sheds typically use a flimsy sheet metal, which can easily be broken into.

Aesthetically, wooden sheds almost always win. There is nearly an unlimited amount of options to choose from for the roof, siding, windows, etc. You can marry all these choices together to come up with a design that really compliments your home or landscape.

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