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What is a good roof?

A good roof starts with the stuff you can't see. A roof is typically constructed out of many layers: framing, sheathing, underlayment and roofing material. Most people choose a roof based on the roofing materials, but the quality of the other roof parts are just as important.

A good roofing company will climb into an attic and inspect the roof from underneath. The structure of the roof is inspected for rot or sagging. Other items to be aware of are water stains or mold. The roofer may suggest some structural changes to fix problems with the roof.

The underlayment should be replaced every time the roofing material is replaced. Ice and water shield is required in cold climate regions while just a good vapor barrier is sufficient in others. The most important role the underlayment plays is separating the roofing material from the sheathing. So as the roofing material expands and shrinks as it heats and cools, it is free to move independent of the sheathing and will not bind.

The roofing material is the part exposed to the elements directly. Choose a quality product with the help of your roofing contractor. Almost all roofing materials come in different degrees of quality and price, whether it is: asphalt shingles, wood shingles, metal roof, rubber, tile, or slate. Check the warranty from the manufacturer and weigh that against your budget.

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