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Why You Need a Home Security System

Did you know that over 4 billion dollars is lost due to burglaries each year? According to a 2010 FBI study, the average loss during a home burglary is $2,119! A home security system pays for itself in a number of ways. The thought of a home security system enters almost every homeowners and even long-term renters mind at some point. Whether it's peace of mind, security, or just the return on investment, a home security system should be given serious consideration to anyone who values their family's well being and physical property integrity. Listed below are a few of the many reasons why a number of homeowners feel that a home security system is absolutely needed.

  • Deterring Potential Crimes - Many burglars look for the easy targets to attack. Just simply having an ADT sticker in your windows will completely deter burglars from even thinking about entering the home because they are aware of the consequences if the alarm sounds upon attack. If the burglar is still stupid enough to try and break into a home with a security system then the system will sound immediately when the windows, doors, and any other entrance is trying to be picked or opened. The attacked will then flee the scene before ever entering the home.
  • Smoke & Fire Protection - Natural disasters happen frequently and owning a security system will help detect and prevent damage to your home. Simple smoke detectors may go off if a fire is detected but the fire department will never be called. With a high quality home alarm system the fire department is notified IMMEDIATELY if your smoke and fire detector alarm is triggered. The fire department must respond to the call and head out to your home for an inspection as soon as they receive the call. Thousands of homes are saved from drastic fires because they use a home security system that notifies local authorities of any potential dangers.
  • Home Insurance Discount - Owning a home security system is proven to cut your insurance premiums by 15-20% in some cases making the system pay for itself in no time!
  • Security Cameras - Some home systems allow cameras to be installed so you can view any room inside or the exterior of your home from anywhere in the world! These cameras can have a live feed that can be accessed by internet so you can see your home or check on the kids in real time through any computer or phone.

A home security is one of the smartest investment a homeowner or renter can make. It pays for itself and you can live in peace knowing that your home and family is protected 24/7

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