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Home Security Options to Consider

There has never been a better time to invest in a home security system. The technologies available nowadays make it one of the easiest and cost effective systems to add to your home. Keep your family safe and watch your home 24/7 by choosing any of these options when purchasing a home security system.

  • Vibration Sensors - Sensors are attached to windows and doors and send a signal to the control panel when a disturbance is detected. Some alarms can be set to make a loud noise and/or notify the police and fire department.
  • Motion Sensors - These sensors are placed both outside and inside the home and can be programmed to turn on a light when a movement is detected in the surrounding area. These sensors can also turn on a camera as well.
  • Control Panels - Alarms are sounded and the authorities are notified through control panels. Homeowners can program their security system through the control panel.
  • Alarms - These are the actual pieces of equipment that make those loud ear-piercing noises if a sensor is triggered.
  • Wireless Devices - Most security systems can now be installed with wireless devices so you can eliminate all of the wires that were once needed for a home security system.
  • Pool Alert - Have a pool? If so, definitely consider the siren alert that gets attached to the pool entrance to let you know if any kids accidentally try to sneak into the pool.
  • Jogger Alarm - One of the newest inventions, some security systems have an optional jogger alarm watch that will allow you to trigger a loud panic siren with the touch of a button on the wrist alarm.

There are a number of options available when choosing a home security system. Be sure to sit down and discuss all of the options with your trained home security representative.

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