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DIY vs. Professionally Installed Home Security Systems

Many people will consider installing a home security system themselves as a way to save a few bucks. Here's the question you need to ask yourself - is it worth risking your family's security to safe a couple of dollars? Home security systems should be installed by trained professionals. Here are the reasons why we strongly suggest going with ADT or another professional home security company rather than doing it yourself:

  1. Installation Mistakes from DIY - It's very easy to make a mistake if you decide to install a home security system yourself. One little mistake such as not properly testing the smoke alarm could be deadly.
  2. 24/7 Home Security Monitoring - ADT and the other big companies absolutely give you 24/7 protection and always have a live person to talk to if something goes wrong. You are on your own with a number of DIY products.
  3. Access to Local Authorities - Many DIY systems will just sound an alarm rather than calling the fire and police departments, who will respond to the situation immediately.
  4. Free Relocation - Professional security companies typically offer free relocation and reinstallation if you decide to move your family into a new home.
  5. Warranties - What's the warranty on a defunct DIY system? Well, it's typically taking it back to the store for an exchange or refund. A system installed by professionals such as ADT Home Security will send a representative to your home that same day to resolve or repair and potential issues free of charge.
  6. Insurance Savings - The big name home security systems guarantee a much bigger savings on homeowners insurance compared to a cheap DIY unit. The professional systems pay for themselves in no time.

A number of home improvement projects can be done by doing it yourself but installing home security systems is not strongly suggested. The purpose of having a security system installed is to protect your valuables and family. Will you have more peace of mind having a security system installed by trained and experienced professionals or by attempting to do it yourself? Is it really worth the risk of the potential DIY mistakes that will probably occur? Most people don't think so and they definitely wouldn't put their family's safety on that bet. Go with a trained professional for home security.

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