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Which Type of Insulation to Choose

The different insulation types may sound like a foreign language to many homeowners the first time they start hearing the terms. There are a number of different types of insulation and the type needed depends on where the insulation is to be installed. The R-value, which is also known as the maximum thermal performance, tells the density of the insulation, and a higher R-value represents a more efficient product. An experienced insulation professional can help you determine which type of insulation you will need and can also provide a free quote for the products and service. Listed below are the major differences in the types of insulation.

  • Batts and Rolls - Also known as blanket insulation, this product is the most common and used on unfinished walls, floors, and ceilings. The insulation is fitted between beams, studs, and joints and comes in big 'blanket' rolls.
  • Blown-in - Exactly as it sounds, this insulation is blown into the designated area through a tool similar to a vacuum but in reverse. This product is best used for enclosed and existing walls, new wall cavities, unfinished attic floors, and other hard to reach places. This product is great for areas that already exist but need extra insulation.
  • Spray foam - Spray foam comes in small containers similar to spray paint and can be used in the same fashion as blown-in. Spray foam usually covers smaller and even harder to reach areas needing extra insulation, such as closets.

Trying to figure out which type of insulation you need and how much to use can be a little frustrating but experienced and trained contractors can easily help homeowners decide which option would best suit their needs. Always get quotes from multiple contractors so you are guaranteed the best price for your next insulation job.

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