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Common Areas Requiring Insulation

Adding insulation or increasing the amount of insulation in a home not only helps save money on energy bills but also creates a much more comfortable home climate. There are a number of areas in the home that should be considered for insulating:

  1. Attics - Most common area needing insulation and can help save significant energy costs.
  2. Ducts - Have central air? If so, make sure your air ducts are properly insulated to gain maximum energy efficiency.
  3. Walls - Ever notice drafts through the walls? If so, they probably don't have any or enough insulation.
  4. Floors - Keep the heat in during winter and cool air during the summer in your home by insulating the floors.
  5. Basements - Proper insulation can provide a very comfortable basement. In addition, insulation will help remove some of the moisture that commonly occurs in basements.

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